Folkvangar's My Dreamed Fairies




Product Description: Seven (7) original and very detailed fantasy characters provided in PNG format, without drop shadows, on transparent backgrounds, in big size resolutions (artworks: 2400 x 3000 px; characters averaging 1700 px), 300 dpi. This Pack also includes 7 fantasy artworks in JPG format with the fairies placed in them.

If you are interest just in the backgrounds, please check this products: “Where the fairies Hide” and "Where the fairies live

*** Suitable for print compositions and webgraphics. Personal and Commercial use. The Buyer may use the Product commercially in the form of rendered and derivative images but may not distribute the product "as is" or any of the Product’s files. For personal and private projects you can use the graphics “as is” ***

Copyright Verónica Atanacio - Folkvangar

System Requirements: Any program that supports JPG and PNG files

Files Included in the Product:

Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies (folder) wich includes:

    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art01.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art02.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art03.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art04.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art05.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art06.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Art07.jpg
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch01.png
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch02.png
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch03.png
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch04.png
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch05.png
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch06.png
    - Folkvangar_MyDreamedFairies_Ch07.png
- license.txt
- README.txt

Copyright © 2010 Veronica Atanacio

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