Folkvangar's The Sweetest Love




Product Description: With this product you’ll get: 3 Digital Stamps (outlines) on transparent backgrounds ready to colour as you wish!!
Have a lot of fun painting these cute little valentine characters just like you want! Use plane colors and have a lot of variations in minutes. Add lights and shadows for more detailed finishes. Add textures, patterns, details, anything you want!!!
If you're kind of lazy =P, or your digital painting is not your strength, or you're simply in a hurry to finish your new project, this pack also provides 3 full color handpainted png files ready to use. They are so adorable!
Alter both file as much as you need to create the images you want.
Use them for personal and comercial projects!
Create web sets, stationery, greetings, decorative alphabets, digital artworks, scrapbookings, etc!!!!!!
But wait! There's so much more! With this kit you'll also get 6 so beautiful printable crafts that I can't find the words to define them. 3 tags to add to your valentine presents and 3 ready to print and assembly boxes ready to add your gifts into them like candies, notes, etc.
Suitable for print compositions and webgraphics
All graphics are provided in very big sizes, 300 dpi.
The Buyer may use the Product commercially in the form of derivative images but may not distribute the product exactly as is provided.
For personal or private purposes you can use the graphics “as is”

System Requirements: Any program that support PNG files, like Photoshop or PaintShop Pro

Files Included in the Product:

folkvangar_ sweetest_love (folder) wich includes:
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_outline_01.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_stamp_01.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_tag_01.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_box_01.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_outline_02.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_stamp_02.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_tag_02.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_box_02.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_outline_03.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_stamp_03.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_tag_03.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_box_03.png
    - folkvangar_sweetest_love_HELP.jpg
    - README.txt

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