Folkvangar's Christmas Wishes




Product Description: This printable Christmas set will work wonderfully for next holidays. Make happy to your loved ones and have a lot of fun creating the most lovely craftworks.  20 ready for printing files: 4 bag toppers, 1 pillow box, 1 purse box, 8 candy bar wrappers (large size and small size), 2 Greetings cards, 2 Envelopes with their, 2 corresponding papers. The files are provided in jpg and png format ,at 300 dpi.
You can also add your personal greeting text or just leave them as they are provided.

*** The Buyer may use the Product commercially in the form of rendered and derivative images but may not distribute the product "as is" or any of the Product’s files. For personal or scrap purposes you can use the graphics “as is”

System Requirements: Any program that support JPG and PNG files, like Photoshop or PaintShop Pro. Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the instruction file. If you don't have the program, copy and paste this URL to get it for free:

Files Included in the Product:

folk_christmaswishes (folder) wich includes:
    - folk_christmas_wishes_candybarwrapper.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_candybarwrapper02.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_greetingcard.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_paper.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_SMcandybarwrapper.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_SMcandybarwrapper02.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_topperbag.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_topperbag02.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_envelope.png
    - folk_christmas_wishes_pillowbox.png
    - folkvangars_clausfamily_card2.png
    - folk_christmas_wishes_instructions.pdf
    - README.txt

folk_christmaswishes_dragon_set (folder) wich includes:
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_bagtopper.png
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_bagtopper02.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_candybarwrapper.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_candybarwrapper02.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_envelope.png
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_greetingcard.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_paper.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_purse.png
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_SMcandybarwrapper.jpg
    - folk_christmas_wishes_CDS_SMcandybarwrapper02

"Christmas Wishes" by Folkvangar is Copyright © 2009 Veronica Atanacio

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