Folkvangar's Handpainted Clothes




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This product includes 12 beautiful totally handpainted clothes ideal to dress your 3D characters like Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, or even your own original characters. It's also a wonderful pack to create impressive photomanipulations or 2D digital paintings.

The clothes are provided in a rich variety of colors with the original pallette I used for each one. Why I don't provide the pack in greyscale? Simple!

First: If you need you can EASILY desaturated the cloth by yourself! =D

Second: Paint clothes (like everything else) it's not like using just one main color, one litghter and a darker one. This is a common mistake, but It's nothing like that. When we paint we must use a variety of colors to illuminate and to darken. In fact is probably that we can't discover all the colors that an artist use to create any piece. Therefore when I offer you this pack in its orignal and rich color pallette, you obtain the possibility to manipulate the cloth, even change the color, without loosing the richness of hues.

All the clothes are provided in individual PSD files (compatible with programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, Fireworks and others). They have big resolutions, ideal to dress characters around 2000 pixels or a little more without loosing quality. They're also painted at 300 dpi, the perfect quality to print.

For Poser Users I included 12 corresponding poses for Victoria 4, Victoria 3 and Aiko 3!!! However you can easily modificate the poses and still be able to adapt the clothes fairly easily. Just use the transform and warp tools to adapt the cloth to fit the character pose. Always use sharpen filter after resize or transform any element.

The possibilities are endless. You will be able to change color, add textures, combine with other clothes, add props and accesories, etc.!!

Attention! A very complete guide, specially made for Poser users, will help you to take full advantage of this product!

Click here to see it:

Product Requirements: Any graphics program that can reads PSD files / Poser ProPack or above for V3, V4 and A3 poses 

**** Note: If you want to use the clothes to create photomanipulations, 2D digital painting or other 3D characters, Poser it not neccesary.

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