Folkvangar's Luxury Banners




Product Description: 5 Luxury banners Compositions, 100% digitally painted with so much detail and dedication. You'll also get 5 variations of each design. For example, the ones that comes with flowers you'll get also without them. In other cases you'll get some variations of hues and shape. These files are provided in PNG files, so you can play around and create your own designs. 10 PNG in total. You’ll use this product over and over again for so many kind of projects.
Bonus: You'l also receive 5 elegant papers made them with the banners, provided in JPG format, 300 dpi, 12' x 12'.
15 files in total.
Personal and Commercial use. The Buyer may use the Product commercially in the form of rendered and derivative images. You may not use them IN ANY WAY "AS IS" - they have to be incorporated in your artwork without a possibility to extract them (this means you can't offer layered versions of your work created with these images).  You must DO something with them that is makes them into your own unique design. None of these elements may be used to create another merchant resource background design package which competes with the original product.

System Requirements: Any program that supports JPG and PNG  files

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