Folkvangar's SweetHeart




Product Description: Get a lot of fun with this absolutely cute and romantic kit! This adorable set of valentine elements & papers will give you a lot of fun! Full of rich textures, colors, motifs and patterns, it’s a really versatile set with so many posibilities!!! You’ll be able to mix and match the elements, papers, etc., and create the most outstanding designs! The product includes: 12 papers provided in jpg format, 300 dpi, 12 x 12 inches. 12 elements suitable in separated png files. 3 ric rac. Free Bonus!: 2 ready to print heartshape cards. 2 lollipop covers (can be also used as s small treat bag). 2 Quickpages/Frames ready to add your photos. 33 files in total.

Suitable for print compositions and webgraphics off all kinds. Personal and Commercial use. The Buyer may use the Product commercially in the form of rendered and derivative images but may not distribute the product "as is" or any of the Product’s files. For personal and private projects you can use the graphics “as is”.

System Requirements: Any program that support JPG and PNG files, like Photoshop or PaintShop Pro.

Files Included in the Product:

folkvangars_Sweetheart_01 (folder) wich includes:

- folkvangar's_patchworks_01 (folder) wich includes:
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_lollipop-treatbag_01.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_lollipop-treatbag_02.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_01.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_02.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_03.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_04.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_05.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_06.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_07.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_08.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_09.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_10.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_11.jpg
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_paper_12.jpg
    - README.txt

- folkvangars_Sweetheart_02 (folder) wich includes:
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_birds.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_butterfly.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_button_01.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_button_02.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_garden.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_heart_01.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_heart_02.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_heart_03.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_moon.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_purse.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_quickpage_frame_01.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_quickpage_frame_02.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_ric_rac_01.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_ric_rac_02.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_ric_rac_03.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_sun.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_umbrella.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_valentine_card_01.png
    - folkvangars_Sweetheart_valentine_card_02.png
    - README.txt

"Folkvangar's SweetHeart" is Copyright © 2010 Veronica Atanacio
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