Folkvangar's Haunted Streets




Product Description:

A pack of 5 dark backgrounds, provided in high quality jpg format, 300dpi.

Size: 2000 x 2500
To create the most fantastic and professional artworks.
For all your commercial and personal Projects.

FREE BONUS: 5 additional backgrounds with color variations

Product Requirements: Any graphics program that can reads jpg files.

Files Included in the Product:

folkvangar_haunted_streets (folder) wich includes:
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_01.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_01bonus.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_02.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_02bonus.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_03.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_03bonus.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_04.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_04bonus.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_05.jpg
- folkvangar_haunted_streets_05bonus.jpg
- README.txt

*"Folkvangar's Haunted Streets" is Copyright 2009 Veronica Atanacio
Read Terms and Conditions here

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