Folkvangar's Gothic Fantasy Vol.3




Folkvangar's Gothic Fantasy Vol. 3

Five (5) beautiful and mysterious Gothic Girls! Each one is very finely detailed, and even being the same girl, each one has a delicate difference. So you really get 5 different and bwautiful clipart for an incredible price. Imagine all you can do with them! Provided in a very large size, 300 ppi, without drop shadow, on a transparent background, in png format. They can be used for print or digital projects, for personal or commercial projects.

* Character numer 4 comes with the lightinig effect, the lightning ball, everything!

- folkvangar_gothfanta_03_01.png (569 x 2021)
- folkvangar_gothfanta_03_02.png (1524 x 2041)
- folkvangar_gothfanta_03_03.png (1945 x 820)
- folkvangar_gothfanta_03_04.png (916 x 1982)
- folkvangar_gothfanta_03_05.png (1958 x 1427)

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