Folkvangar's Gothic Fantasy




Gothic Fantasy by Folkvangar Design

Seven (7) beautiful and mysterious Gothic Girls posing next to some tombs. Each one is very finely detailed, and even being the same girl, each one has a delicate difference. Imagine all you can do with them! Provided in a very large size, 300 ppi suitable without drop shadow, on a transparent background, in png format and 1 large sized composition in jpg format. They can be used for print projects of all kinds, for personal or commercial projects.

- fd_gothprincess_03p1.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p2.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p3.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p4.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p5.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p6.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p3.png
- fd_gothprincess_03p7.png

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