Warriors of the Forest




Warriors of the Forest

2 different characters in 3 different poses each one in a very large size, 200 dpi suitable without drop shadow, on a transparent background, in png format and 1 large sized composition in jpg format. They can be used for print projects of all kinds, for personal or commercial projects. (7 files total)

fd_warrior_dagna.png (776 x 2041 px)
fd_warrior_dagna02.png (1292 x 1943 px)
fd_warrior_dagna03.png (1800 x 1836 px)
fd_warrior_frigga.png (640 x 1983 px)
fd_warrior_frigga02.png (972 x 1948 px)
fd_warrior_frigga03.png (872 x 1992 px)
fd_wot_forest_scene.jpg (1700 x 1176 px)

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