Trapped by Folkvangar




Product Description: This product includes an artwork provided in a high quality JPG file, with 3 bonus artworks created from the original. 2 headers, perfect for websites and 2 advertising banners.

All files are provided in very big sizes.

File List:

*folkvangar_trapped, wich includes:

- folkvangar_trapped_art2.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_art2_site_header2.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_art2_site_header.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_art2_variation1.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_art2_variation2.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_art2_variation3.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_banner468x60.jpg
- folkvangar_trapped_banner_02_468x60.jpg
- README.txt

Product Requirements: Any graphics program that can reads JPG files

Please Choose: