Galdra - The magic of Ansuz




Product Description:

Character description: Galdra - The magic of Ansuz - Clan: The Secret of the Runes

She is a radiant elf, practicing of the Seidhr, the magic of Freyja. She belong to the Clan: "The Secret of the Runes". She knows and control the secret and the power of the rune: Ansuz. She always carries the Ansuz rune representation with herself to protect her. Whenever she is, she also carries some of her potions, spells and ritual dager.

Tech Info: This pack contains...

- 1 main HANDPAINTED & UNIQUE character (any merchant resource or 3D model was use) provided in psd file format on a transparent background, 300 dpi. Size: 3098 x 1652 pixels.

- 1 beautiful fantasy artwork in a very big size  (3551 x 1752 pixels) provided in a high quality jpg format.

All files are 300 dpi so you can also use them for print purposes. They may be used to create projects for personal or commercial projects.

Available as print here:

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 Product Requirements: Any graphics program that can reads JPG and psd files

Files & Locations:

 - folkvangar_galdra (folder), which includes:
  - folkvanar_Galdra_MofA_cSR.psd
  - folkvanar_Galdra_MofA_cSR_art.jpg
  - folkvanar_Galdra_MofA_cSR-README.txt

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