Thrud, Thor's Daughter




Donít see this image just as a clipart. See it as a high quality & original digital art. A 3D character was used as reference. I re painted her skin, her cloth, her hair... everything during the postworking. Every single detail was painted with total dedication. She will make you stand out! You wonít find another warriorlike this!

Character is provided in a very large size, without drop shadow, without background, in PSD format. The Artwork is provided in a High Quality Jpg format. Both files are 300 dpi son you can also use them for print purposes. They may be uses to create projects for personal or commercial projects.

folkvangar_thrud_thorsdaugther.jpg (1600 x 2687 pixels - 300 dpi)
folkvangar_thrud_thorsdaugther.psd (1001 x 2164 pixels - 300 dpi)

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