Folkvangar's Sci-Fi Actions




With this package you get 25 Fantastic photoshop Actions! Each one with a unique sci-fi effect.  Now you can have amazing postworking effects for your renders.

Also you get a PSD file with 25 layers. Each layer contain a image with the action already applied. This PSD file will be very helpful as reference.

There's more!: Folkvangar Sci-Fi Actions - Tutorial!

Maybe you bought some actions in the past and then you realize that you don't get the same results that you saw in the product showcase. That's because you don't used the same kind of image that the creator of the action used. A simple "step by step" tutorial will show you how to prepare your render just like I did! :o)

File List:, which includes:

- Folkvangar's Sci-Fi Actions.atn
- folkvangar_sci_fi_actions_pr.psd (In this file you will find the references for your actions)
- (tutorial)
- README.txt

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