Please read these terms carefully before using any of my graphics because if you use my graphics then I assume you have read it. This agreement is applicable whether you have read these terms or not.

(1) Folkvangar maintains legally possess the power to grant Buyer this license for all enclosed materials. Buyer is not purchasing the copyright of the graphics, only the right to use them. Buyer may not claim ownership to any of the original contents in whole, or in part. Folkvangar may revoke this license if any of the terms below are violated. Upon receipt of notice that the Buyer has violated any copyright laws or the terms or conditions of the License, the Buyer shall immediately delete all Product files, both in original and derivative form, contained in the notice.

(2) As in the case of software, the license is not transferrable. A customer may not redistribute or share the product files with dozens or hundreds or thousands of other people through filesharing groups and thereby deprive the original owner of the images of the rightful profit of their labor.

(3) The use of licensed imagery in both personal and commercial projects is permitted with specific provisos and exclusions. You can use the images in commercial projects such as webdesign, 3d texturing, advertising, illustration, printables projects, candy wrapper businesses, card making, signage, role playing games, 2d NEW compositions or design elements DIFFERENTS from the original files and as photographic backgrounds. There are limitations for commercial usage in specific areas, so please read them below.

(4) The terms of use are specified in the Readme.txt document included in the product zipfile.  Over the years, early products may have an earlier text version, but the essence of the license is the same: the licensee may not resell or redistribute the original files, as is, in any way or in any environment. This means the licensee must understand what "resale and/or redistribution" means. Much of the rest of this page is an attempt to make clear what those words mean in specific usages.

(5)  Folkvangar  is the author and copyright holder of the images in this product package and retains copyright and ownership of the images included in this zipfile, and your license gives you the right to use the images under specific circumstances. You may use this images to create your own derivative projects for personal or commercial sale, with no restrictions other than these:
    1. you may not resell the original files, as is, in any venue.
    2. you may not redistribute the products in filesharing groups.
    3. you may not resave them in another file format and redistribute them, either for sale or for free, in filesharing groups or any other online or offline venue.

The concept here is that when I license my images, they are intended to be used as design resources and to be incorporated into the licensee's own commercial products and/or into derivative designs or individual projects for commercial sale. It is never intended that the individual images be repackaged, with little or no design input, and be resold under another designer's name. For example, can not be simply repackaged and turned around to be resold as "design resources". Only I can sell my own work as design resources.

If you wish to create derivative designs using my design resources, I'm overjoyed and that's what I sell them for. But to create another set of products from them which you will them sell as a design resource, you must DO something with them that is makes them into your own unique design. The buyer is not permitted to simply recycle or reshuffle the original work into a new package and call that their artistic product.

Buyers can use the image resources by incorporating them into a design or product or their own which changes the original work in a transformative way, making it their own, new design. Or, the images may be incorporated into print compositions which will be sold in a different form than than the original digital files. There are a million ways to use the design resources and create derivative products for commercial sale.

Specific Restrictions for Specific Product Categories:

Digital Scrapbooking

All my products may NOT be put into scrapbooking kits as individual elements as png or psd files, as is, with
transparent backgrounds, so that the designer is simply repackaging my work into a new product and calling it by another name and claiming to be the designer (this would fall under the category of resale/redistribution of the original product). The Buyer may use the Product as design resource in rendered images and derivative images for for any personal or commercial projects, as long as the Artist's work is protected from extraction and the Buyer has not violated any other terms of the License.

CafePress, ImageKind, Zazzle, and similar online mass market, image-based stores

Buyers are not permitted to upload Folkvangar files or products, as is, to create products on a mass market basis online in their own stores.  You may, however, create a unique design of your own using my products (like a collage background with figures or various design elements on it) But you can not simply upload my images, in their original form, as the basis of a mass marketed product. The concept is the same: You can use the products to create your own derivative designs but you can not simply resell my work.

Printwork For Mass Production

This license covers "reasonable use" by a single user; for example, if you are intending to use the images for mass reproduction (as in stamped patterns for thousands of products for print reproduction in multiple outlets or chain stores or use by more than one person in an educational or business organization, for example), please contact Folkvangar to discuss multi-person license or appropriate additional royalty arrangements.

Decoupage Companies, Digital Embroidery Companies, etc.

You may use my products to create derivative designs which may be sold in the form of downloadable printable sheets or pattern sheets (in jpg format). But you may not use my images "as is" to simply provide the original images in jpg format in decoupage sheets, without your own design input. The buyer may not use the content to create a commercial work that is in direct competition with my products. Buyers can use the resources by incorporating them into a design or product or their own which changes the original work in a transformative way.

I reserve the right to interpret the basic license in the future in a way that protects my copyright and position as the author of my own work appropriately, so that customers may use products for derivative design but not resell the products in a way that damages my position as the originator of the original works.

If you have any quiestion don't hesitate to email and ask for help.

Verónica Atanacio